Anthurium Master™


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Inspires Passion & Creativity
Enhances Focus & Awareness
Balances Male-Female Energies

May help clear and re-pattern the Heart seed atom (inherited from the Father), opening the heart to higher vibrations of healing. It may also help with connecting to the soul level of healing many people experience when they are in Hawaii.

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Anthurium Flower Essence

Anthurium Master Essence helps to align your internal focus whilst inspiring strength and integrity. It assists in filtering your emotions and bringing balance and strength to your mind-body (so that reactions to stress do not overwhelm you). It further works to increase your discernment and accentuate your awareness, cautioning you when to hold back and when to take action. Accordingly, in your relationships, Anthurium Master Essence works to enhance your sense of intuition, enabling you to better decipher between old patterns of wounding and someone’s true motivation, helping you to let go of any drama. If you have had a past condition that has since healed, but you are still experiencing symptoms, Anthurium can help you to simply let the symptoms go.

On the whole, Anthurium Master Essence inspires passion and stimulates creativity. It may be [energetically] beneficial for supporting issues of fertility, especially in males and can also help balance male-female energies, easing issues over the need to control. Anthurium Master Essence may further help you resolve underlying issues that -either knowingly or unknowingly- relate to karma carried from your father’s side. It may further help to purify and repattern resentments stored in your heart chakra, and may help you heal issues related to your father figure. Physically, Anthurium Essence works to increase your vitality, and traditionally has been believed to strengthen the energy field of your blood and circulation.

Contains frequencies of both red and white anthurium varieties.

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