Lady Slipper Orchid Flower Essence Blend

Lady Slipper Master Essence embodies Venus energy and thus may help align you with all things Venus, such as relationship harmony, grace, charm, and creativity. This blend helps to ease discomfort from imbalance and blockages in your feet chakras as well as helping to counter imbalances from interferences with Earth?s gridlines. It helps integrate the energy of your higher and lower chakras (including those of the feet), promoting greater composure and the inner strength to walk your own path. It may encourage deeper levels of intimacy and help to dispel feelings of loneliness. Energetically, Lady Slipper Essence acts as a sort of tonic on the nervous system and thus may be beneficial for you if you are experiencing nervous exhaustion. It may also be helpful for those doing and receiving healing, or any sort of energy work, to improve the flow of energy in the physical body.

Made up of several individual Lady Slipper Paphiopedilum orchid essences, including the ones shown.