Purrfect Sense™


A special blend of gemstone and flower essences for cats, designed to help uplift, balance, and strengthen.

0.5 fl oz dropper2 fl oz spray2 fl oz spray SALE



Purrfect Sense™ is our special blend of gemstone and flower essences for cats.

This essence blend contains flower essences (such as Scarlet Pimpernel) and gemstones essences (such as Rose Quartz) that combined create a blend that is strengthening, balancing, and uplifting for your Meow-Meows. Purrfect Sense™ Essence may be added to cat’s water bowl or food, given as drop under the tongue, or applied on your hand and brushed over the cat’s fur. As a spray, suggested uses include spraying on or around your cat directly, on cat beds or perches, litter boxes, scratch posts, or anywhere else your cat likes to hang out. Although cats can be sprayed directly, our experience at Shanti Kai™ has been sprays produce “flying cats”, as most cats do not particularly like being sprayed.

Purrfect Sense™ Cat Essence can be made in water upon request but must be refrigerated and only has a 2 week shelf life. It’s not recommended that pets have alcohol, although some owners like to give a couple drops orally, we recommend applying the essence topically along the inner ear, or to the scalp or under the chin. For the latter two, simply move fur away and add a few drops directly. Felines under stress or duress can have repeated dosages every 15-30 minutes as needed until symptoms of stress subside. See Suggestions tab for more details.

Proceeds from sale are donated to cat shelters..

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 2 fl oz spray, 2 fl oz spray SALE, 2 fl oz spray TESTER


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