Clear My Crystals™


Energy Cleanse for Gemstones

Clear My Crystals™ releases negative energy absorbed by crystals so that you can keep working and growing with it. It also cleanses metals and is great for clearing jewelry.

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Clear My Crystals™:

Crystals and gemstones absorb negativity in the environment, and if they become too overwhelmed, it becomes more difficult to feel their powerful properties. They become “part of the scenery” or filled with the same energy in the rest of the room or person. Clear My Crystals™ seeks to release negative energy absorbed by crystals so that you can keep working and growing with it.

Why invest in an Essence just to cleanse your crystals you might ask? Aren’t there moon rituals, salt water cleanses, and other ways to clear? While there are other methods for crystal clearing, they may require lengthy procedures and work only minimally, maybe clearing and restoring just a bit of your crystal’s strength. Why does this matter? Because your crystals absorb your vibrations and the vibrations around them all the time. Often it’s the reason you have them is to pull negative energy out to lift you or the space to higher vibrations. It can therefore be challenging to actually clear and release them so that they return to their highest energetic order. In order to restore your crystals to their original strength, where you can get the most benefit from them, they need a total energetic clean out.

Unlike other method and products on the market, Clear My Crystals™ really works to completely clear your crystals of any negative energy they’ve stored, and return them to their original, optimal state. This essence is not a gimmick – we’ve tested our repertoire of over 500 plant and mineral ingredients in many formulations before we arrived at a blend that actually works on almost all crystals. And what’s more, a special ingredient in this blend even makes it so effective at cleansing that it even works on metals!

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Shanti Kai™ Clear My Crystals™ Plugged by’s Astrotwins

Vibrational Infusions of 4 Hawaiian Flowers, 2 Orchids, and 1 very rare Orchid..

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