Yellow Sapphire Essence

Yellow Sapphire Essence can help remove obstacles toward prosperity and success, and in turn bring about opportunity, expansion, and growth. It has a balancing effect on the solar plexus chakra, and can help you feel empowered in your worldly (i.e. professional) position. On a higher level, Yellow Sapphire Essence clears obstacles that would block you from wisdom, truth, love and compassion.

Yellow Sapphire Essence helps align you with energy for removing obstacles to prosperity and success and helps bring about greater opportunity for expansion and growth. It also has a balancing effect on the solar plexus chakra, and thus can help you feel more empowered in your position (professionally or otherwise) in life. The greatest obstacles this essence can help to remove however, are the ones that block you from wisdom, truth, love, and compassion. Yellow Sapphire affects the outward persona through enabling greater access to empowerment, confidence and joy, enabling you to more readily radiate your inner shine – much like the golden glow of the yellow sapphire itself. Yellow Sapphire Essence can also help you to draw on light energy from above the crown. Divine beings often have halos, signifying their spiritual elevation. This Essence works with Sunlight energy to harness increased Light and elevate your spiritual connection, and hopefully inspire you to aspire to greater spiritual heights.

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