Sunflower Essence

This essence may help bring healing with stored issues around your Father (or father figure) and help increase understanding with issues of anger and resentment. It helps to balances masculine energies (i.e. the male ego) and assists you in aligning with higher energies and knowledge of the heart center. Sunflower Essence increases nurturing energy and may be especially beneficial for men (and women) in parenting roles to strengthen their maternal instinct.

Sunflower Essence also helps you learn to self nurture (or self parent) which is especially healing if proper parenting was absent during childhood or early years. It may benefit emotional eating and balance the solar plexus chakra, enabling the channel between the heart and emotion centers to be fully opened and expressed.

Sunflower Essence relates to nurturing yourself, and filling any voids left from lack of nurturing surrounding your father figure. Often dad may either have not been there, because he was off working, or perhaps there were problems with mom, or him just emotionally being checked out (or a little behind) could leave you wanting for more. This can show up later in life as a void that needs filling and healing. Sunflower can be a great essence to use when there is a psycho-spiritual link to the father. Sunflower Essence may also help with opening to and assimilating the sun’s nurturing energy.