Shower Tree Master


Manifesting Abundance
Aligning with Divine Grace
Prosperity ~ Surrender ~ Love

Shower Tree Essence energetically helps to bring abundance. In South America, it has long since been recognized for endowing prosperity on its users. It may also help one open to receiving help from above – and be in harmony with all the energy of the cosmos working together at the right time to create “magic”.

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Shower Tree Flower Essence

Hawaiian Shower Tree Essence helps you manifest prosperity and abundance. Long revered as a prosperity bestowing, almost magical tree essence, it helps you tap into the “shower of abundance” that is your universal birthright as a child of God (and citizen of Earth). When your backs against a wall, when you’ve suffered sorrow and/ loss, or you’re grieving and don’t know where to turn, Shanti Ka™️ Shower Tree Essence helps you to remember to look up; to accept what is and surrender to “help from above”. It can help those who feel discouraged or doubtful to trust their heart and let the love and trust back in.

As it’s flowers hang downward in clusters, surrendering to gravity, the essence also teaches you to accept Universal Law and surrender to the Divine Will, to stop swimming upstream and instead enter the flow of grace. This Essence helps you to release resistance so you can align with the flow and be ready to receive the abundance thst is your divine birthright. Shanti Kai™️ Shower Tree Essence also helps you to be in harmony with the cosmos, in synchronicity, and open to multiple flows of abundance.

The Master Shower Tree Essence contains vibrational infusions of?Rainbow, Golden, and Pink?Shower Tree.


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