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Increasing Prana
Opening Crown Chakra
Strengthening Auric Shield

Aligns all chakras and upper chakras – even beyond the physical body – all the way to source energy, the source of Light. Aids in transformation of the soul into a more evolved, expanded state. When used over time, it helps one carry greater amounts of Light in their energy system.

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Rosenbuschite Essence

Rosenbuschite Essence aligns all the chakras and upper chakras – even beyond the physical body – all the way to source energy (the source of all spiritual Light). This essence aids you in transforming your soul so you become a more evolved, more expanded version of yourself. When used over time, it helps you carry greater Light in your energy field, and increases the golden part of your aura, typically ~ 2’ to 3’ from your physical body. The golden part of the aura often appears weak or clouded when allergies or respiratory weakness is present**. When used short term, it helps you to have the experience of what it is to be enlightened, thereby helping you believe it’s possible and find the inspiration to achieve it. Your body’s energy field, when full of light, is shielded, strengthened, and protected; it literally becomes immune to lower energies that may come from outside influences. Few beings that have walked the planet have been able to fully embody and maintain the level of Light needed to be established in one’s own Christ body, to carry the Christ consciousness, or love and light of Christ, yet all humans have the twelfth (or thirteenth) chakra connection that allows access to this higher state. This essence helps make the process more accessible to you. It is also said to promote wisdom and help you with your healing process. This essence can further help with your mental strength. When energetically transferred it can release energetic pressure in the head region, energetically realigning the skull and subtle energies in your crown.

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