Lemon Calcite Essence

Clear Calcite Essence has a soft lemon hue and carries the energy of sunlight, which cleanses and uplifts. It works with your upper chakras to enhance your ability to capture the sun’s healing powers. It helps concentrate sunlight energy into your lesser known brain chakras, bringing you psycho-spiritual strength and lucidity, and elevating your perspective to see things in a higher light. Sunlight energy has long since been known to have beneficial effects on your mental-emotional state and, similarly, Clear Calcite Essence can help lift you out of heavier emotions, filling your heart and mind with joy [instead]. It helps balance and align all your major chakras and meridians, whilst clearing your mental and emotional subtle bodies (and energizing your subtle light bodies). Clear Calcite Essence also has a balancing effect on your Solar Plexus Chakra and also works to uplift your sense of clarity, self esteem, and overall confidence. It instills a sense of fearlessness and also instills feelings of peace, calm, and contentment.

Clear Calcite moreover has an introspective quality that helps you to see deep within, granting access to the clarity needed to propel you forward. It can furthermore help with purging feelings of disappointment, confusion, and indecision. It may benefit you if you are a student who struggles with finding the “right answer” on an exam, or a professional who struggles with scheduling and indecision, or has trouble keeping their mind clear and focused. It may be helpful to take whenever you suffer from feeling down, and to lift you above food and other (unhealthy) cravings. In this way, it may also benefit you if you are a woman on your menses or going through other hormonal changes. It may also benefit you if you’re of a happy disposition but are very empathic or sensitive, and/or if your mind grows dark very quickly, especially when surrounded by (or reminded of) certain influences. In this case, it may be helpful to work with this essence daily, using increasing amounts/doses as needed when you feel your mind or emotions darkening, at regular intervals (e.g. 20 minutes, 60 minutes) until symptoms lesson and/or eventually subside.

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