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Subtle Brain Chakras

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Evolve Essence™: Studies show that the human brain is acting at a fraction of its full potential; indeed, only 4-7% of your brain power is within your conscious control, rendering the majority of your functioning self subject to the whims of your unconscious and subconscious mind. Many recent authors have popularized the Law of Attraction and power of positive thought, however, you may still struggle with manifesting what you consciously want to create; this is largely because you are counter creating with your sub and unconscious mind. Evolve™ seeks to act on many of the smaller, lesser known chakra centers within your crown, thereby energizing dormant parts of your psyche that would benefit you to have access to. More recently discovered gemstones in this blend may help energetically activate various power centers as well as to integrate and assimilate newly available Earth energies.  Moreover, when taken while sunbathing, this essence may help you to maximize the stimulating benefits of sunlight to these areas.

Contains vibrational Infusions of 16 flowers & 13 gemstones in 15% Brandy & Purified Water.

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4 reviews for Evolve™

  1. Sarah

    Evolve continues to unleash the inner needs I may have. It has helped clear a blockage found in my brain that was related to attachments there. It has even helped direct me to higher answers and callings that may normally be difficult for me to understand or see on my own.

  2. Alice

    Evolve helps me focus. I feel like I get more done at my work and can come up with better solutions to problems that arise when I use this essence.

  3. RD

    I started taking Evolve about a month ago. Within that month I have noticed a big change in my ability to stay calm, centered and ultimately see a clearer picture in situations. There is also a confidence that comes from feeling this clear, allowing me to handle a lot more in life.

  4. Anna Snow

    I have had this essence for a long time, and felt moved to pick it up again after seeing the Shanti Kai advice to use it during the holidays to help relinquish the need for outer change and focusing on inner growth instead. I have been dealing with a lot of fear recently relating to unknowns. After using this spray just once tonight, on my way to the grocery store I suddenly gained a new perspective on a situation from the past, where I thought that I had messed up big time but can see now that God really stepped in and saved me. And then I was able to see where this had taken place in other areas of my life. I really felt a huge shift in perspective. I’ll be reaching for Evolve more often!

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