Especially helpful during painful experiences (such as unexpected loss, grief, illness, or disaster) to “soften” negativity and help you see the “Light”.  Assists you in using negative life experience to purge and bring in new energy (i.e. rebirth).  Also helpful during healing work and meditation.

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Transformation™ Essence:

In the Ayurvedic system, planetary influence plays a significant role in your health and happiness. Pluto typically represents the hidden realm that relates to death and destruction, rebirth and regeneration. It is known as the planet of transformation, representing endings and new beginnings as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Working with our Transformation™ Essence™, you can begin to work with the energies at hand to let things go and clean up the clutter in your life to make room for new beginnings.

As the process of rebirth always follows death, true transformation is often experienced as a painful and/or uncomfortable process. Shanti Kai™ Transformation™ Essence is formulated to soften this process and encourage the ability and desire to transform and to see the truth regardless of what it might be. It has a synergy of ingredients that encourage you to see into the core or root of an issue so that you can release what you need to let go. It also contains certain gemstones to facilitate this release, as well as to aid you in transitioning into phases of regeneration and/or rebirth. Working with this essence, you can more easily “peel off the band-aid” and proactively use the seemingly negative energies in your life to shed people, places and things that are no longer serving your highest good.

When speaking of Transformation and Pluto, it is not always like those TV shows where someone gets a makeover and gets all emotional about how beautiful they feel (some exclusions may apply). Rather, transformation can sometimes be intense, as deep psychological issues are drawn up and out of the unconscious and purged to bring about permanent change. Such transformation is often brought about not by choice but through painful or unexpected circumstances that lie beyond your control, such as the loss of a loved one, a downturn in your profession, or an accident or crisis. When speaking of Pluto, who is known as Lord of the underworld, it can often be instigated by betrayal, theft, sabotage, or other unjust acts. In order to overcome, you must use these events or circumstances to shed your burden and move forward into change, as well as to develop a closer connection with the Light. Shanti Kai™’s Transformation Essence™ is like wearing a buffer, softening this process by easing resistance and helping you align with your highest truth.

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