Portulaca (“Moss Rose”) Flower Essence

Rose Moss Essence (from the Portulaca flower family) helps ground your emotional energies so that you can stay balanced and centered, even when stressed and/ or challenged. It acts on your heart chakra helping you to transform feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem into confidence and even joy. Its essence encourages your innermost radiance to shine forth, expanding your field of attraction and allowing you to be seen. Rose Moss Essence moreover can help you find emotional equilibrium and inner balance. Especially if you tend toward the water element, and/ or have an overly emotional side, Rose Moss Essence can help you level out and ground yourself. Or, if you tend to become overly emotional when under stress or duress- or during times of change, including hormonal change, and/ or if you suffer from physical bloating, inflammation, and/or swelling, Rose Moss Essence can help you get underneath the surface and release pent-up energies at the source.