Pomegranate Flower Essence

Pomegranate Essence promotes wholeness, inspires creativity and is an excellent essence to work with for self-nurturing. Traditionally, the pomegranate was a fruit of the Goddess, representing fertility and motherhood, and by inference, romance and sexuality; it supports male-female bonding. It moreover is excellent for balancing and opening your sacral chakra – the chakra that governs your ego, sexuality, relationships, creativity, self-worth, balance and emotion. Pomegranate Essence works within your sacral chakra to help harmonize and balance your reproductive energies and can be used to support fertility and the birthing of new life. It can help sooth issues of PMS, menstruation, and menopause, as well as other reproductive health issues. Pomegranate Essence helps to attract prosperity, inspires creative manifestation, and encourages abundant living. It is therefore an excellent Essence to work with if you cannot shake the belief in “lack” or tendency toward neediness.