Oncidium Orchid Flower Essence Blend

Oncidium Orchid Master Essence promotes a higher-knowing that all is well and that everything will in fact, be okay. It helps you connect with the reassuring vibrations of the Christ consciousness, and the acceptance, love and light that flows freely from this realm. It further increases the light quotient that is energetically accessible to your brain and physical body, rendering it more easily integrated into your daily life.

Certain varieties found within this blend also help breakdown blockages that would prevent higher frequencies of light from being assimilated or “taken in”. It also does the same with information that comes from higher realms and dimensions;

That is why we say, Oncidium Orchid helps you to know that “everything will be ok”; because the consciousness of these realms exudes unconditional love and oneness. Fears of survival, energies of competition, and primal urges and desires cease to exist. Only by tapping these higher frequencies can you begin to manifest heaven on earth, in any form, whether for yourself or for the world.

Often, even people who are very spiritual or religious, and/or devout in nature, struggle to feel this constant reassurance of God’s Divine Love and presence. In private sessions at Shanti Kai™, clients often tell Jayme (Dr. Jensen) they can’t hear their spirit guides, or they don’t think Jesus hears their prayers, or they fear God has abandoned them. Working with Oncidium Essence helps break down blockages so that you can once again hear or experience “higher downloads” or frequencies from the celestial realms.

In a similar way, it can also help you break down information so that you can re-assimilate it on a higher plane. Often scholars, genius musicians and artists, writers, etc., do not know or understand the source of their inspiration, they only know they are inspired to create. Such genius artists have cultivated, perhaps over many lifetimes, the connection to these higher dimensions. You might even say, they have “spiritual guides” that help them receive information from these planes. As such, Oncidium Essence may be a great aid to scholars, students, and those that speak in public and/or that write speeches, as it helps to illuminate the mind and bring in more source Light to its inner workings.

It may also be beneficial for helping children, including “crystal” and “rainbow children” and/or even “indigo children” (who are now a relatively older generation), to integrate and assimilate information in a way that they can ground it on the earth plane, and function more harmoniously with others.

Made up of several individual Oncidium orchid essences, including the ones shown.

Vibrational infusions of an array of Oncidium Orchids in 15% Brandy and purified water.