Hawaiian Moon Goddess

Warrior ~ Nurturer ~ Seer

Creatrix ~ Protector ~ Healer

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Ma-Hina™ Essence

Ma-Hina™️ is formulated with rich Hawaiian Minerals, Rare Orchids, and exotic Hawaiian Flowers dedicated to the Moon Goddess “Hina”. Like Shanti Kai™, Ma-Hina™ is a play on Sanskrit and Hawaiian, honoring the two lineages from which it was made. “Ma” is sanskrit, and honors the Mother and Guru, as well as the Vedic wisdom underlying the Shanti Kai™️ planetary line. “Hina” refers to the Hawaiian Moon Goddess who dwells in the Mahina, or moon, and honors the Hawaiian land from which her Essence (and legend) was made. Hina was a powerful warrior, a seer, healer, creatrix and destroyer all in one. Just as the moon illuminates the night, so can our Essence aid you in cutting through glamour, deception, and illusion, and/or the transformation of darkness into light. Our Essence is a powerful tool for meditation, opening your 3rd eye, and developing your 6th sense awareness.

Ma-Hina™ is a yin Essence with a gentle, stimulating effect on your Kundalini. It helps awaken the creative force within, deepening your connection to the Divine. Ma-Hina™ Essence further aids in clearing energetic blocks (e.g. trapped emotion) and can help balance sleep cycles. It can be especially helpful during times of emotional intensity, full moons, new moons, key astrological transits, hormonal changes, female cycles and various stages of motherhood. Use any time you need to call on Hina’s nurturing, protective qualities, or to summon her in the form of your Divine Feminine and inner warrior. What’s more, working with this essence over time can help you learn to manifest abundantly in accordance with your needs.

Ma-Hina replaces our Intuition™️ and Moon Goddess™️ Essences, and as such has similar properties.

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