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Infinite Possibility For reviving the soul and opening the spirit, soothing away doubts and renewing the belief in infinite possibility.

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Hope™ Essence: For reviving your soul and opening your spirit, soothing away doubts and renewing the belief in infinite possibility. Hope Essence™ is driven by flowers and gemstones that help raise your vibration and repattern feelings of despair, doubt, and confusion. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is grieving or having a hard time “seeing the light”. Even if you feel “there’s nothing left for me to do or experience” or “nothing can replace what I’ve lost”, Hope Essence helps rekindle within a spark, an inner Light, from which you can keep moving forward.

It could be noted that (though we do not make any claims about its effectiveness or results) several customers have reported good results using Hope™ with injured or traumatized animals. It is also good to use when you are feeling lost or confused about your direction in life. Although we would normally recommend Clarity Essence™ for this, Hope Essence™ may help you with lifting above the underlying anguish or despairing thoughts that often come with feeling lost, ungrounded, or confused.*** As such, many have experienced benefit using Hope™ and Clarity™ together (in this case we would recommend at least 30 minutes in between each one to prevent competing ingredients in the two blends).**

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Vibrational Infusions of 8 Flowers, 8 Gemstones, & 1 Essential Oil in 15% Brandy & Purified Water.

***Shanti Kai™ does not make any claims or guarantee any results regarding the use of this essence. Please see our disclaimer below. Consult your physician if you have health or mental health concerns.

**Shanti Kai™ does not make any claims about product effectiveness or treatment of any illness or condition be it emotional, mental or physical. Please see our disclaimer on main product page and in Essences FAQ.

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4 reviews for Hope™

  1. Mary

    I get tension headaches and as this was the only essence I had, I tried spraying it on my forehead, back of neck, and temples to see if it helped. Anyway I tried this and sure enough it worked! First time it worked right away, but for recurring stress headaches sometimes I need to stay on it longer. Anyway whyever it works, I’m very grateful for this essence.

  2. J.R.

    When I lost a student of mine in a sudden tragedy I was devastated. I was so deeply affected. Everyone was coming to me for support and to be the strong one, and I could barely get thru the day myself. I took several drops of Hope every 15 minutes when my emotions became really intense. This is the only thing that got me thru.

  3. Allison

    Helps me ward off feelings of discouragement and impatience. Helps me feel lighter and more content/hopeful.

  4. Anna Snow

    At times when I’ve felt very depressed and just can’t seem to let go of negative thinking patterns, and feel unable to see the light, this essence always gives me a lift I need to see the light and feel that I’m ok.

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