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Prosperity Essence™ can be especially helpful to overcome issues with lack, feelings of being “stuck”, struggles in relationships and jobs, or feelings of overwhelm or having to work hard with little success.  It promotes well being, learning, optimism, expansion, and opportunity.

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Shanti Kai™ Prosperity™ Jupiter Blend Essence can be especially helpful to overcome issues with lack, feelings of being “stuck”, struggles in relationships and jobs, or feelings of overwhelm or having to work hard with little success. Prosperity Essence™ contains vibrational infusions of flowers, orchids, gemstones, precious metals, and color frequencies, for balancing the lower chakras and developing the upper ones. Its core synergy includes infusions of gemstones for promoting optimism, prosperity, and opportunity, along with tree flowers which aid you in accessing the higher mind and promoting well being, higher learning, and expansion. In the Ayurvedic system, planetary influence plays a significant role in your health and happiness.

Prosperity Essence™ was inspired by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion. It is also the planet of luck, optimism, affluence, higher learning, and is thought to bring wisdom, guiding you towards high ideals and a sense of purpose and what will ultimately bring happiness. Our Prosperity Essence™ is radiating with vibrational infusions of seven different orchid genera. The orchids in this essence bring an immense amount of higher vibrational energies and benefiting the connection between the upper main chakras (5-7) and the upper higher chakras (8 and beyond) which helps facilitate higher states of learning, expanded consciousness, new forms of creativity and access to higher realms of spiritual understanding. When these upper-upper chakras are open and aligned, thinking and ideas are greatly enhanced, as is memory power, intuition, and overall greater synchronicity in your life is experienced. Two of the gemstones in this blend have been blessed and they work in tandem to help promote a sense of expansion, happiness and well being. Used regularly overtime this blend is a potent companion for manifesting your goals and attaining success.

Note: Our Planetary Essences are made to align with different cosmic influences, however we always recommend you take into account your own individual needs – as this can differ greatly from person to person – depending on how you respond to different astronomical and/or astrological energies and influences.  As always, we recommend you use your intuition, apply kinesiology testing, and/or other forms of dowsing, when selecting the Essence or Essences that are best for you. You may also use the “Ask a Question” feature on our website to have Jayme scan you for a readout of Essences that your energy field reacts to best.

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Ingredients: Vibrational Infusions of 11 Gemstones, 11 flowers (including Treeflowers and orchids), 1 Precious Metal, Frequencies of Gold, Yellow, and Violet light, and Essential Oil in 20% Alcohol and Purified Water.

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8 reviews for Prosperity™ – Jupiter Blend

  1. Jen

    I bought this essence after hitting a plateau at work. Even though my responsibilities increased and I was working long hours, I wasn’t getting the promotion or recognition I felt I deserved. I was very frustrated and even considered leaving my job. After using this essence for a few weeks, I felt things shift. I started getting recognized for my work from several different people. Shortly thereafter I received my promotion. I was thrilled and pretty surprised! I am so glad I tried this essence, it definitely did the trick!

  2. Rocco DeRosa

    I run a wedding band that was stolen from by a booking agency, forced to work for half price for a year and a half in order to keep my reputation. The couple’s deposit had been stolen by the agency that booked us. After going through that experience I was feeling so stuck. I started using prosperity. And little by little couples were able to get their deposits back through their banks, credit card companies, or family members of the couples offered to pitch in to help us recoup some of the losses. I believe that all through that process, if I hadn’t been using this, there is no way I would have been able to feel prosperous whatsoever.

  3. Anna Snow

    I had been feeling some very negative energy in relation to my work place. Even though I had worked through some issues that should have resulted in me feeling much more positive about going to work but something was still weighing me down. I had a vague sense that I had picked up some negativity from a co-worker, so I sprayed some Transformation essence on areas of my body where I felt a dark, dense energy. The sense that these feelings were coming from someone else became more clear. I then used prosperity over these areas and felt the negativity lifting. I now feel much lighter and happier and was able to go to work today from a place of positivity!

  4. Lori A.

    Need a little luck? Use Prosperity. I bought raffle tickets at a fundraising event. I sprayed Prosperity on my raffle tickets before depositing them for drawing and I won the grand prize valued at $3800! I’ve never won a raffle prize until now.

  5. Osheana, Hawaii

    I wanted to let you know that last month I began using Healer and Prosperity. I received $300 cash, then a $400 and $300 check which was $1000 extra, unexpected money in my pocket. This week a client insisted on paying me double. And lastly I was offered a 2nd Job at a medical spa (my dream job by the way). Coincidence? I think not!

  6. Anna Snow

    I have often used this essence with the hopes that it would bring me material gain and opportunity, and was often disappointed when I didn’t see any changes. Then today, I sprayed Prosperity after having not used it for a while. In the following hours, I was contacted with a job prospect, received a gig lead, received a very generous gift, and received a job offer! Pretty sure the spray had a role to play :).

  7. Anna Snow

    Update: A few days later I also received a raise!!!

  8. Sandra, Financial Advisor, New York New York

    I worked with Prosperity Essence and I liked how it made me feel expanded but I wasn’t seeing anything change in my life- after reading online to use it with Release It or Removing Obstacles I decided to try it that way. And after a few weeks like that I began to see a lot of things start to change and shift in my external environment that had direct impacts on me. My career path and Love life both took a dramatic change that came out of seemingly nowhere. I know I had to do the inner work but these essences made it so much easier. They aligned my inner and outer worlds and guided me to the shifts I needed to make to experience these miracles in my life.

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