Goddess Power™


Awakening the Goddess Within

Women’s Empowerment

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Goddess Power: Awakening the Goddess Within

Inspired by Lakshmi, Goddess of fortune, wealth, prosperity and beauty, Goddess Power™ seeks to empower and release blocks to manifesting abundance of all kinds in your life.  This blend features flower ingredients thought to be beloved by Lakshmi and which stimulate emotional healing, and allows you to see the truth, so that you can orient yourself on a path that is best for you. Other flowers in this blend invoke the quality of Divine Love, or Agape.  When you are living your life from this space, not only are you better able to draw in what you need, but you are able to live from a space of being grateful for who and what you have.  Additionally, this blend includes gemstones that were blessed during Pujas dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi, and which help to encourage strength, courage, and deep internal validation, as well as helping you to connect to your divine purpose, and inspiration from your higher self.

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