Thyroid Chakra™


For strengthening and toning the energy field associated with the Thyroid.

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.For strengthening and toning the energy field associated with the thyroid, the master gland associated with the 5th or throat chakra. While the 5th chakra in general has to do with how you express, listen and assert your will in the world, the thyroid chakra in particular has to do with communicating between the head and heart. In a world that often expects you to leave the “heart” out, it’s no wonder that it’s estimated nearly 40% or more of the population experiences thyroid issues of some kind.

In fact, it is estimated that over 59 serious diseases are linked to problems with the thyroid***. Moreover, it is key to note the proximity between the thyroid and the voice box, as many people have learned to hold back or “swallow” their words for fear of speaking up. The thyroid also controls metabolism, and energetic imbalance in this gland may have a downstream effect on weight, energy levels, and other issues associated with metabolism. At the core of Shanti Kai™ Thyroid Chakra™ Essence is a synergy gemstones, a powerhouse of orchids, wild and tree flowers, and precious metals Thyroid Chakra™ is a good choice for you if you are wanting to get underneath the physical and work on resolving psycho-spiritual issues in this important energy center.

Vibrational Infusions of 4 Flowers, 5 Orchids (4 Genera), 13 Gemstones, 2 Precious Metals, and 6 Essential Oils.

***Brownstein, D. (2010). 59 Diseases Now Linked to Thyroid Imbalance, Millions Affected. Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health, Vol3, Issue 4..

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