Rio Red Dipladenia Flower Essence

Rio Red Dipladenia Flower Essence enhances your communication and listening skills, improving your receptivity and bringing clarity to the messages you receive. It increases your ability to commune with your higher self and to extract information from your subconscious and may benefit regression therapies and other modalities that require trance or altered states.

Rio Red Dipladenia Essence encourages you to stay in the present moment and live in the “now”. If you struggle with mental conflict, worry, and/or hyper vigilance due to fear of the unknown- i.e. what’s coming or what’s going to happen, and are constantly embroiled in fear and/or anxiety regarding the future, this is an excellent choice of Essence for you! It furthermore helps you to detach and let go of these fears so that you have greater freedom and access to greater expansive, creative states in the present. In this way it also helps you improve upon the possibilities in the future – since it shifts your point of awareness into the present.