Lilikoi Master


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Awakens Your Passion
Develops Intuitive Antennae
Inspires Spiritual Transformation

Lilikoi Flower Essence invokes creativity, integration and transformation. It may develop one intuitively, raising one’s antenna or sensitivity, as well as bring emotional balance and help stabilize heart energies.

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Lilikoi Flower Essence

Lilikoi (Passionflower) Essence inspires you to find your true passion and to discover your own unique gifts and abilities. An essence of transformation, Lilikoi can help you to “wake up to reality” and see the changes that are needed “in the now”. It encourages creative thinking, and can help you access intuitive solutions. When you’re experiencing difficulty or challenge, sickness or loss, your tendency might be for you to want to cave in or allow your mind to foil; Lilikoi Master Essence can help raise the octave of your mind so that you can see through the darkness and find the light. Lilikoi Master Essence facilitates spiritual awakening, which often is the result of experiencing death of loss, painful rejection, or some other form of suffering. Thus, sometimes associated with planets Pluto and/or Chiron, it’s essence can help you bridge the challenging space between death and rebirth. In many traditions, suffering is seen as a means to purification: it’s suffering which gives you the consciousness (or awareness) needed to awaken. Lilikoi Essence can help you realize the higher purpose your suffering has, softening the sting or bitterness you might feel, and encouraging you to transform it into something sweet.

It may help you access the 12th & 13th chakras, the energy centers that bestow virtues of unconditional love and “oneness” consciousness. Through offering a gateway to this Higher Love Experience, Lilikoi Essence may also help you move through suffering that occurs in other dimensions, such as nightmares, on the astral, or within your mind. If there is guilt or shame over past trauma or experience, Lilikoi Essence can help you forgive and release the pain once and for all.

Contains a Master Blend of Red and Purple Lilikoi.

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  1. Caitlin

    I received Lilikoi as a gift and noticed great benefits pertaining to my struggle with heavy and painful menstruation. As I age I notice this getting worse and worse. After going through about half a bottle of Lilikoi during the two weeks before my period I noticed right away that the bleeding was much lighter, it lasted fewer days, and my cramping/intestinal upset was not as severe. The stress of bleeding heavily at work was gone and I felt like I could get outside for a run without worrying. This essence will definitely be added to my regular routine.

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