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Tranquil and Calm Mind – needed
Dolphin and Lemurian Energy
Works on 3rd and 6th Chakras

Can be beneficial to those trying to strengthen and balance mental and emotional bodies, and more specifically the Solar Plexus Chakra.

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Larimar Essence

Larimar is known as the “Atlantis Stone” and its Essence is believed to hold an inherent connection with the supernatural energies of Atlantis and Lemuria. Larimar Essence has a calming, tranquil effect on the mind and enhances spirituality, meditation, and prayerwork. It carries a link to the planetary energies of Neptune (such as the ocean tides, imagination, spirituality, and artistic ability) and can be used to channel healing into the Earth plane. Larimar Essence promotes developing the highly intuitive and telepathic abilities associated with dolphins, and helping you learn to communicate in ways that supersede language and form. It moreover helps calm “too many thoughts” and is beneficial for staying “out of your head”. It also promotes feelings of nurturing and safety and can help you draw to you those that are meant to be in your life at certain points in time.

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