Crepe Ginger Flower Essence

Crepe Ginger Essence balances and opens the 5th or Throat chakra, especially as it relates to the ears, nose and throat, and related functions of hearing/listening, breathing, sensing, filtering, expressing and communicating.  Like most ginger essences it increases vitality, especially in the energy centers of your physical body relating to the sinuses, ears, respiratory system and throat.  In fact,  the sap of young Crepe Ginger leaves and stems were traditionally used to treat ear and eye infections as well as treating colds and coughs (i.e. respiratory conditions). Similarly, its essence can be used for clearing energetic blockages that may manifest downstream as physical symptoms of congestion and/or illness [in your nose, ears, throat and lung regions].  Crepe Ginger Essence helps to break through energetic blockages in these areas, and as such, can be an important essence to use for increasing and refining your sensitivity in this area, especially as it relates through sound.  It thus may especially benefit you if you are a musician or vocalist (or aspiring to be) and/or if you are empathic and over-sensitive to thoughts and vibrations of others. 

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