Coral Creeper (Red Barleria)


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Cutting Cords ~ Creating Safety
Inspiring Romance & Passion
Facilitating Communication

Channeling wisdom from a higher source and putting it in words or writing. A flower benefiting the Throat Chakra, it helps with the intake and outflow of communication.

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Coral Creeper Flower Essence / Red Barleria Flower Essence

Coral Creeper (Red Barleria) Essence helps foster connection between romantic partners, creating safety and awareness, and helping establish necessary conversation in love and expression. Red Barleria Essence also helps you channel lightness of expression while still delivering substantial content, especially in romantic relationship matters. A flower benefiting the throat or fifth chakra, it helps with the intake and outflow of communication. This essence further might temporarily create an interface to open astral communication with loved ones, animals, and/or ancestors on spiritual plane who have been waiting to relay messages. Continuing, although red, Coral Creeper is a 5th Chakra Essence; red is the throat chakra power color in Tibetan lineage; the blue colored stamens and five petals also connect this essence outwardly to the throat chakra and expression.

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