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Opens Communication
Angelic Attunement ~ Serenity
Peaceful Rest ~ Spiritual Healing

Balances energies, calms and harmonizes body, mind and spirit. Excellent for peaceful sleep and dreams. In healing, celestite replaces pain with loving light.

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Celestite Essence

Known as the “Stone of Heaven”, Celestite helps you access the angelic and similarily, its Essence encourages the channeling of angelic wisdom, love and light. It is thought to decrease negativity by alleviating stress, worry, and fear. In healing work, is said to replace pain with frequencies of love and light. Its Essence works on the Vishuddha or Throat Chakra, helping to expand your skills of communication, creativity, and self-expression. Celestite Essence is moreover cleansing and balancing to the body’s auric field, and, added directly to bath water, invokes serenity and helps realign all subtle bodies, nadis, and meridians. It is especially balancing to the emotional subtle body, and, as such, may help ease emotional unrest along with related stress and tension. It is further an excellent Essence for meditation, as well as to use before bed for invoking peaceful slumber and sweet dreams.

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