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Strengthening Intuition & Clarity
Making Sense of the Past
Overcoming Apathy

Works on the fifth and sixth chakras to stimulate higher sixth sense, intuitive capabilities, and spiritual enlightenment. Helps counter stress, uplifts and balances the mind.

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Cavansite Essence

Cavansite Essence works on the fifth and sixth chakras to stimulate a higher sixth sense and intuitive capabilities, as well as spiritual enlightenment. It carries a radiant energy for heart centered meditation; it can help you steady your mind, enabling you to make your work a conscious meditation.  It helps counter stress, uplifts and balances the mind, overcomes apathy, stimulates intellectual faculties, and promotes easy flow of communication. Using Cavansite Essence may also help clear you of confusion or lack of direction.  It can be especially helpful if you are transitioning through changes, helping you to make sense of the past so that you can let go and move forward. As this essence balances the throat (5th) chakra, it improves your ability to channel your higher self, promoting a direct connection to your inner knowledge and soul’s records. It also assists with regression work, including past life work, helping you to go back to the source of whatever needs clearing, so that it no longer affects your current or future lifetimes. Working with this essence can also help you clear ingrained destructive behaviors (aka your saboteur) and stuck thought patterns.

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