Cattleya Flower Essence

Cattleya Essence promotes your higher faculties of awareness, increasing your spiritual receptivity and opening the higher subtle energy centers of your heart. The latter can aid you in hearing the truth and higher guidance only the heart can bring. The expression follow your heart references this core truth, and points to the heart as the master chakra, without which all other chakras and vital functions would cease to exist.

The heart chakra is meant to guide you in life, it consists of your heart and lungs and brings respiration and oxygenation, allowing vital nutrients to circulate throughout your physical body. In this way Cattleya Orchid Essence also connects to your nose and throat by balancing the energy field where you breathe in and release the breath. Your Breath is also associated with equilibrium, which is why changing air pressures and elevation can cause your ears to clog. Higher spiritual frequencies can also sensitize your ears, eventually opening you to clairaudient ability. Working with our Master Cattleya Orchid Essence can increase your vibrational sensitivity, and heighten your receptivity so that you can hear the truth and enhance your ability to receive guidance from a higher source.

Cattleya also benefits expression and communicating from the space of truth. Cattleya Essence can help you move beyond the masks of illusion to the expression of your own personal truth, as guided by your higher imagination and or spiritual connection. You may find yourself expressing your truths through newly found creative channels, as this essence seeks to evolve your energy on increasing levels of thinking and being.

Cattleya Essence can assist in the clearing of trauma stored within your ears and throat; it does this not through a cleansing or clearing mechanism (such as is found in our energy detox sprays) but by shifting your attunement to a higher frequency, and raising your vibration to a higher level.

Our Cattleya Orchid Blend is made up of an array of multiple types of Cattleya Orchids, including the ones shown.

Vibrational Infusions of an Array of Multiple Types of Cattleya Orchids in Purified Water, 20% Brandy.