Blue Topaz Essence

Blue Topaz Essence opens the throat and third eye chakras helping you to divine wisdom from higher spiritual realms. In meditation it helps calm the mind and still your emotions, allowing you to go to deeper levels within.  It’s Essence further evokes serenity and emotional balance, and is a good essence to work with for creating safety; it inspires intuition, wisdom and creative self expression.  It may benefit you if you’re a writer, public speaker, musician, and/or performer. It invokes a sense of beauty and grace that comes through artistically, especially when you’ve worked with this essence for some time.

It may benefit you if you are in healing work by helping you to connect with the angelic realm and enhancing your ability to receive guidance and messages from above. It is moreover an excellent essence for spiritual practice, healing and contemplation, helping to keep you aligned with the highest truth.  It helps clear anger and other blockages in your throat chakra that would hinder you from  “coming from your heart”.  Especially where there’s guilt, shame and blame and other painful issues that need to come up, blue topaz essence softens your energy to allow you to go into the darker parts and release these emotions.

Blue Topaz Essence  also promotes greater comfort and safety while you sleep, benefitting dreamwork, dream recall, and dream interpretation, helping you understand what your dreams are saying about your life and the path you’re on.

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