Bengal Trumpet Vine™


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Stimulating Communication
Messaging~ Tapering Gossip
Telepathy~ Rallying Enthusiasm

May help stimulate interaction among groups of people through telepathy – or by getting people on the same wavelength and promoting the flow of energy and ideas.

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Bengal Trumpet Vine Flower Essence

Bengal Trumpet Vine Flower Essence may help enhance communication and inspire connectivity in relationships and/ or among groups of people. Its Essence can help promote the flow of energy and ideas especially in situations where key messaging is needed. Bengal Trumpet Vine Essence can help stimulate conversations and may benefit you in situations like public speaking, first dates, interviews and important meetings. It’s Essence may benefit you if your relationships suffer because someone doesn’t feel heard, or in situations where you’re unable to find common ground, and/or experiencing awkward silence. It can also be tonic in the sense that it can help you taper your words, especially if you are a “nervous talker” or if you have a tendency toward gossip.

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