Native Hawaiian Aeae (Water Hyssop) Flower Essence

Aeae (Water Hyssop) Flower Essence (aka “Bacopa”or “Brahmi” in Ayurveda) benefits a more grounded perspective, especially when emotions run heavy and/or you’re struggling to find clarity. In Ayurveda, it has long been used as a healing remedy for balancing the emotions. It helps you stay grounded and rooted to the Earth, especially if you tend toward being very emotional; when you find yourself in a storm of emotions, this essence is just the thing to keep you from being flooded and “washed away”. If you are going through a challenging time, especially if your astrological sign (sun or moon) is a water sign, Aeae can help you to stay connected to Mother Earth (i.e. her protection and nurturing) whilst keeping your focus on that which is higher.

Aeae Flower Essence further helps you find emotional clarity and future direction; it helps you to “let go” and move on from past mistakes. It can be extremely beneficial if you find yourself weighed down by shame and/ or guilt, OR if you tend to hold resentments, struggling to forgive yourself and others. It helps you move into acceptance, so you can begin to move forward. If you have low self-esteem or perfectionistic tendencies, you may find this essence particularly beneficial. Aeae can furthermore may help you find the right words to speak when you need to be humble, but still speak your truth. It helps you to “lower yourself” so you do not come off prideful or vain- yet can still be in your power, worthy of being heard.