2nd Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra


Use to stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, heal or mend relationship issues, and balance reproductive energies. Size: 2oz Spray.

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.Do you experience:

  • Problems with your partner/spouse relationship?
  • Being emotionally “cut-off”, over-emotional, or imbalanced?
  • Infection or dysfunction in the kidneys or bladder?
  • Fertility issues or problems related to reproductive system?
  • Lack of passion, desire or motivation? Fatigue?
  • Sexual imbalance?
  • Need to be in control?
  • Lack of creativity?
  • Codependency?
  • Self-sabotaging tendencies?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your Sacral Chakra may need balancing. The Second or Sacral Chakra, known in Sanskrit as Svadhisthana, is located at the base of the navel and relates to your sexual and creative energies, emotional drive, and relationships with others.

Why use our spray?

A balanced sacral chakra may manifest in the following ways:

  • Heightened passion, creativity and motivation
  • Emotional balance and happiness
  • Balanced sexuality and healthy relationships
  • Healthy reproductive and elimination systems* (see our disclaimer).

How to use it

Our spray can be applied directly over the front and back of the sacral chakra, including kidney and bladder areas, as well as over other sensitive areas such as forehead/third-eye area, temples, and neck region. May also benefit along spine, abdomen, and legs/calves.


Svadhistana Companion Essences:

While it’s not necessary to use other products to receive benefit, below are a list of ways we recommend using our Sacral Chakra Spray:

  • Use with Muladhara (Root Chakra) to improve spousal and family relations. The first 2 chakras are the foundation for all of the other chakras and thus if these are misaligned, it throws all the other chakras off balance.
  • Use with Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) for promoting peaceful mind and emotions. May also benefit people who work with their partners/spouses to balance work/personal relations.
  • Use with Throat Chakra to improve spousal or partner communications.
  • Use with Heart Chakra to balance sexuality with other aspects of a relationship.
  • Use with Third Eye for clearing intuition in relationships. May help clear up astral interactions/cording, and psychic interference/projections in relationships.


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