Yellow Alder


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Purges Energetic Toxins
Promotes Strong Boundaries
Repairs Body’s Electrical Field

This essence clears parasitic energy, chases toxicity away, realigns all upper chakras, and stimulates third eye. It also helps with energetic realignment of cranial bones, neck, and jaw.

In stock

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Yellow Alder Flower Essence

Yellow Alder Flower Essence is a powerful Essence for healing and repairing your electrical system, which in turn allows for the maintenance of strong, healthy energetic boundaries. Its Essence is especially potent for clearing parasitic energy and chasing away toxins, and, not surprisingly, its flower is believed to produce antibodies that are resist certain toxins, such as high Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an extremely toxic mold that wreaks havoc on the human respiratory system, and overall physical and mental state of health. Its Essence invokes feelings of safety and protection, and can be beneficial for soothing feelings related to family trauma.

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