Tree Marigold (Hawaii)


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Softens Walls of Heart
Connects to Inner Joy
Promotes Loving Communication

May help you feel the love of ancestors, friends, family and relatives who have passed on and can be helpful for those looking for new ideas, inspiration, clarity or focus.

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Tree Marigold Flower Essence

Hawaiian Tree Marigold is a sacred flower that can help you develop and improve communication and intuitive ability in your relationships. It works to soften your “inner walls” so that fear of being hurt does not dominate or dictate your actions, choices, and behaviors— so that you can stay open and vulnerable in any situation. Tree Marigold Essence can furthermore help you release grief and connect to the inner joy and happiness that you already carry inside. It may also help you feel the love of your ancestors, friends, family and relatives who have passed on and can moreover be helpful if you are looking for inspiration, clarity and/or creative focus.

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