Tanzanite Essence

A stone of transformation and integration, the energy of Tanzanite Essence moves through the heart and pulses through your upper chakra. It’s cleansing, ripple-like energy clears out blockages held in your heart, throat, and third eye chakras. With continued use of Tanzanite Essence – and especially with ongoing disciplined spiritual practice (e.g. such as meditation) – the unconditional love of the heart begins to merge into your higher octaves of self-expression, expanding your intuition, and increasing your visionary capacities. Tanzanite Essence is also an excellent mineral Essence to work with if you pursue public speaking, writing, singing, painting, music and other forms of artistic expression. On its simplest level, Tanzanite Essence encourages the expression of Divine Love, ameliorates your communicative capacity, and brings healing, compassion and wisdom to your relationships.

Tanzanite Essence also relates to your mother and your ability to communicate with your mother/and or other mother figure(s) -including females in authority- and/or those that are older than you and/or deserving of your respect. This may also be beneficial to you if you’ve experienced trauma in the forms of grief or heartbreak to encourage opening up and getting it “off your chest”.