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Promotes Flow of Prana
Helps You Believe in Yourself
Optimism ~ Vitality ~ Success

May promote an uplifted state of being and help one move beyond past failures and assist one in reconnecting with their Highest Self.

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Sunstone Essence

Sunstone Essence promotes an uplifting, emotionally balanced state of being. It enhances the vital state, promoting an increased flow of energy from your base chakra up. It may help you move beyond past failures and/or rejections and assist you in reconnecting with your Highest Self. Through this action, it may promote greater feeling of self-worth, increased zeal and love of life, and help rekindle your belief in infinite possibility.

If you are in a profession where you must continually sell yourself (and/ or your products, properties, etc), Sunstone may be the ideal Essence choice to help you lift above any feelings of rejection so that you can stay positive and succeed.

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1 review for Sunstone

  1. Courtney

    My gosh this is an amazing essence! Came in a beautiful box too! highly recommend, these are potent!

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