Silver Leafed Princess Flower Essence

The Silver Leafed Princess flower has a velvety, deep purple hue that is silky to the touch while some of its leaves turn a silvery- gold color, making it especially vibrant. Likewise, the flower’s essence also consists of this same vibrancy, helping you remember your inner wealth and divinity, your “inner royalty”, that is, what you were like before you first experienced trauma or challenges in the physical realm. For those on the spiritual path, or undergoing psychological and/or emotional healing, remembering your soul’s perfection can be an invaluable tool providing an end goal to work back to.

Your physical body- which is really just a vessel for your soul and spirit- can become “weighed down” or blocked and thus limit “how high” you can go and/or “how good” you can feel. By helping to clear blockages in your lower chakras that would hinder the connection between your upper and lower chakras, Silver Leafed Princess Flower Essence can help your crown open or re-open to the flow of divine grace, reconnecting your grounded self with the energies of your highest potential.