Scheelite Essence

Energetically speaking, Scheelite Essence helps reveals what’s there. Sometimes blockages exist and we don’t realize they are there or that they are negatively affecting us. This is because they can exist in different dimensions and therefore may be very difficult for us to see or sense. Scheelite Essence gets into the blockages – it has a sort of “cutting” energy that allows it to pierce right through and begin dissolve blockages and allowing them to be unveiled and dealt with.

When a situation or issue in life is not transparent, Scheelite may be an ideal essence to use to discern the truth. It also begins to break up attachment points by low level entities that feed on the lower chakras, depleting one?s power through addictions, lust, and distraction. They can also cause physical discomfort and dependency on substances to control the discomfort. Once one becomes aware of these entities – which Scheelite helps with – it becomes easier to overcome. Energetically, after blockages are broken down or dissolved by Scheelite Essence, it allows for a much higher frequency of light to assimilate in the mind, which raises the vibration of our emotions and intellect.