Releasing Grief & Sadness
Strengthening Heart & Root
Balancing Emotional Stress

Rhodochrosite Essence may promote strength in bones, muscles, and blood on energetic levels. It may help with processing grief out of the physical body and aid in balancing and calming one’s emotional or mental stress.

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Rhodochrosite Essence

Rhodochrosite Essence helps with the processing of mental and emotional stress. It brings energies of love and a sense of softening to the physical body, helping release emotional tension stored within. It further helps strengthen the heart- especially after painful experiences- and can be especially healing for past trauma. It supports getting to the source of your grief and pain, and empowers you to face whatever is needed so you can move forward. Rhodochrosite Essence is also balancing to the root chakra and may be especially beneficial for grounding during times of upheaval and change. It is also known to [energetically] support the blood/ circulatory, nervous, digestive, and reproductive systems and may be helpful as a tool for balancing issues relating to these areas.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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