Queen Emma Spider Lily


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Ease Your Mind & Thoughts
Embrace Your Inner Royalty
Tune Into Higher Frequencies

Queen Emma Spider Lily Essence is for integration of body, mind, and spirit. It may help mom and baby connect and receive nurturing support during motherhood, and may help you resolve issues related to your mother.

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Queen Emma Spider Lily Flower Essence

Queen Emma Spider Lily is revered in Hawaiian culture for its association with the Allii, or Hawaiian Royalty. as it was named after Queen Emma, the Queen Consort of King Kamehameha. The Queen is often considered the mother of her country, and similarly, Queen Emma Spider Lily has an energy that may be beneficial for those in need of mothering, or working to heal their mother related issues. Queen Emma Spider Lily Essence helps you to embrace your inner royalty- to really love and value yourself based on your inner worth -as opposed to how you think the world sees you. It can help bring healing to your inner child, helping in releasing damaging patterns and programming from early childhood, especially concerning parents (and/ or other authority figures).

It’s Essence primarily works on the crown chakra, and as such can help if you struggle with sleep or relaxation due to the inability to feel safe and/or protected, Indeed Queen Emma Spider Lily invokes the safety that begets quietude, bringing the ease necessary to shut off your mind off and find rest. It’s Essence moreover helps expand your mind’s ability to hone in and focus and may aid you in integrating multiple streams or channels of information.
Queen Emma Spider Lily Essence moreover inspires joy and can help you tune into higher frequencies (and “shut out” lower ones) so that you feel uplifted and whole.

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