Moon Cactus Essence

Moon Cactus Essence teaches you about abundance. It’s action is like this – if you have a room full of riches with no lock on the door, and people see in the room all day, at night when the door is unlocked a thief will come and steal the riches. Moon Cactus Essence helps you learn to secure what you have. This may refer to finances but also to inner riches. If you constantly give but do not learn to contain some of what you have, or to receive back, you are not in the flow – you are in a deficit. A big crown chakra and heart opener, Moon Cactus nurtures your spiritual connection and helps you open to receive on higher levels from your Divine source. It also helps teach you how to call on your Divine connection for protection, abundance, unconditional love and worthiness. It teaches you to claim your Divine purpose and not to allow shame, pettiness, or hurt block your path.