Moldavite Essence

Moldavite comes from outer space and is thus often referred to as extraterrestrial in origin. Many healers and spiritualists are attracted to it for its more cosmic or galactic properties- its ability to connect with something greater….beyond 3D. Moldavite Essence brings awakening on many levels at once. It facilitates connecting with earth energies and elementals from nature, promoting greater understanding and harmony for earth and the cosmos beyond. An essence of transformation, it raises the vibration of your potentiality so as to inspire you to greater heights. It takes the mind from the idea of what “can be”, and helps to develop that ideal into reality, thereby expanding perceptions of what you thought possible. It helps you embrace change and opens your mind to see things differently. It is recommended you be in a grounded space and/or work with one of our essences for grounding (i.e. Black or Brown Tourmaline, Garnet, or Earth or Root Chakra Essences) when working with this essence.