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Clarifies & Simplifies
Helps Release Past Trauma
Inspires Joy & Lightheartedness

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Lisianthus Flower Essence

Lisianthus Flower Essence reveals underlying truths so you can heal and move on. Often when you are feeling bothered, agitated or stressed, you may attribute the feelings to certain things in your immediate experience. However sometimes – even often times – the underlying reason you are upset has to do with old stuff hanging out in your energy field. You get upset when that part of your energy gets rattled or affected, and so you look to things in the here and now to explain it. Lisianthus is like a windshield wiper on a snowy day. Once you see clearly, you can begin to be lighthearted, soft and forgiving. You can become content and playful, like a cat with a string. Your needs simplify to what really matters.

Lisianthus Flower Essence also raises the vibration of the 3rd Chakra and promotes moving more energy upward toward the heart where greater love and higher virtues can be experienced. On an energetic level, Lisianthus Essence lights up the Throat gland with pink and electric blue light that then quickly cascades on a pathway through the thymus and heart center.

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