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Release Old Energy
Protection from negative energy
Balance of emotions ~ Ease Stress

Benefits detoxification of the lower chakras, especially emotional toxicity that builds up in the third Chakra – such as anger, fear and resentment.

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Lepidolite Essence

Lepidolite Essence benefits detoxification of the lower chakras, especially emotional build up and blockages. Lepidolite Essence helps you release long-standing problems and blockages at the source, going underneath the issue to more fully uproot it. For this reason, you may wish to work with this essence over time, to allow the layers to come off and your healing to more fully unfold. It further helps you let go of fear associated with limiting beliefs, opening the doorways for spiritual expansion. Lepidolite Essence further works to soothe and calm nerves, and is an excellent tool for balancing heavy emotions (i.e. depression), resentments and moodiness. Working with Lepidolite overtime helps you dissipate negative energy before it can settle in or become ingrained in your being. In this way, it is a protective essence that promotes stress-defense and longevity. It may also be an excellent tool for accessing your higher self, and getting more deeply connected to your own innate flow of wisdom.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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