Opens 5th & 6th Chakras
Deepens Emotional Intuition
Clearing Audio-Visual Trauma

Iolite acts as a great opener, harmonizer and balancer of and between the 5th & 6th chakras.

0.5 fl oz dropper0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE
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Iolite Essence

Iolite Essence stimulates your third eye and can activate powerful visionary qualities within you. If your spiritual gift is “to see beyond” the limits of your humanness, Iolite Essence can help you tap into your gift, opening your sense of cosmic awareness and expanded visionary states. It may benefit you in a similar way if your spiritual gift is “to hear beyond” the human world, into other dimensions, and receive divine guidance; Iolite Essence may help you clear your clairaudient channels so that you can hear in this way. It helps advance your intuition, illuminating your mind’s eye so that you can better see, hear, and interpret your visions. It may further help you gain understanding into your own motivations, as well as the hidden influences that are inspiring the behaviors of those around you. Iolite Essence benefits your throat chakra and self expression, and third eye chakra by cleaning out deep seated memory (both audio and visual), so that you may begin to see only that which is Divinely inspired. Used in client related healing work and/or meditative contemplation it can help you resolve past life or genetic/ ancestral issues (depending on your beliefs) as well as childhood trauma and other unresolved subconscious and unconscious issues.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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