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Enhances Healing & Meditation
Releases Fiery Emotions
Stimulates Kundalini

Hureaulite Essence acts on the root chakra and on kundalini energy (at the base of the spine). It increases pitta energy (Ayurvedic term for internal heat) in the subtle fields of the physical body and may thus have a cleansing effect.

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Hureaulite Essence

Hureaulite Essence has a balancing effect on your Root Chakra and a stimulating action on your Kundalini (i.e. the spiritual, creative energy that lies dormant (until awakened) at the base of the spine). It is both a highly physical AND spiritual essence that may help awaken your intuition and benefit your ability to meditate and self-heal. Its Essence increases your body’s agni (or inner fire) and also works to release fiery emotions- such as anger, rage, and resentment- that might become trapped in your lower energy centers. Hureaulite Essence also has a cleansing effect on the auric field and can help you process samskaras (or physical blockages relating to karmas) out of your body. Hureaulite Essence may also be helpful if your physical body tends to run cold or your energy tends to have trouble “warming up”. It has a balancing effect on your base, root, and feet chakras and can help purify imbalances in these areas- restoring them to harmony. Issues of greed, too much desire and/ or sexual imbalance, emotional disorders and/ or low self-esteem (i.e. guilt and shame) and other such issues may also be ameliorated through working with this Essence. Hureaulite may also be a beneficial essence for energetically enhancing circulation and clearing/purifying inherited and/or bloodline issues – that is, for repatterning and/or reprogramming beliefs you came in with so that they match where you are headed and/or who you want to be.

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