Hibiscus Master


Invokes Passion for Life
Releases Shame & Fear
Balances Root & Sacral Chakras

Relates to balancing the root and sacral chakras, balancing sexual and reproductive energies (especially as relating to the feminine and female issues).

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Hibiscus Flower Essence

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Our Hibiscus Master Blend contains all of the different Hibiscus flower essence variations listed below.

Light Pink Hibiscus Flower Essence

Calming Grief & Loss

Easing Emotional Stress

Radiating Beauty/Confidence

Light Pink Hibiscus Essence has the qualities of the master Hibiscus Essence with an emphasis on healing from grief and loss, grounding and increasing feelings of safety, and embracing your feminine side. Read more

Red Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essence

Vitality ~ Passion for Life

Female Issues ~ Imbalance

Strengthen 1st & 2nd Chakras

Red Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Essence may help increase strength, vitality, and passion (especially as relating to the first two chakras). It may help increase energy, zeal and passion for life. Read more

Molokai White Native Hibiscus Flower Essence

Purifies Lower Chakras

Inspires New Beginnings

Balances Masculine Energy

Molokai White Native Hibiscus Flower Essence has all the properties of the Master but with an emphasis on purification and renewal, and on clearing lower vibrational energies that accumulate around the root and sacral chakras. Read more

Rocks Kauai (aka Hau Tree) Hibiscus Flower Essence

Cleanses 3rd Chakra

Increases Auric Light Field

Detoxifies Parasitic Energies

Rocks Kauai (aka Hau Tree) Flower Essence carries the properties of the Master Hibiscus Essence but with emphasis on balancing your sacral and solar plexus chakras, as well as the mental and emotional subtle energy bodies. Read more

Milo Flower Essence

Increases Light quotient

Purifies Mental Subtle Body

Empowers & Inspires Success

Milo Essence helps balance your emotional energies, so that they do not block your ability to think and see clearly. It also helps recharge subtle energy centers in the brain, especially when taken before meditating or being in sunshine. Read more

Golden Hibiscus Flower Essence

Golden Hibiscus Flower Essence carries the qualities of the Master Hibiscus Essence, with emphasis on increasing reserves of mana in the sacral chakra. Read more

Read more about Hibiscus on our blog:

Hibiscus Master Flower Essence for Root and Sacral Chakra Balance, Grounding and Vitality

Vibrational infusions of Hibiscus flowers in purified water and 20% alcohol. Our Hibiscus Master Blend Spray also contains Hibiscus Essential Oil.

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