Elevates Heart Chakra
Radiance~ Attracts Light
Vitality~ Integrity~ Nobility

Gold in essence form is for balancing the heart chakra. It carries the energy of  sunlight, and can be a powerful conduit for healing many different conditions.

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Gold Essence

Gold Essence is for strengthening and amplifying the powers of your heart chakra. Gold Essence carries the energy of sunlight, and can be a powerful conduit for healing. Your heart chakra also contains the lungs, and is tied to all other energy centers and vital organs through oxygenation and blood circulation. Often we think of the upper chakras as more powerful, or superior chakras, because they are the “ascension” chakras and house our ability to see, sense, and know, however without the vital functions of the heart they cannot sustain themselves. Qithout the heart, the brain and upper chakras would be denied the vital nutrients needed to perform their vital functions. Historic texts on the “alchemy” of gold elixirs say that gold elevates the status of the heart chakra so that it is superior to all other chakras, and that without gold, the heart chakra cannot fully nourish the rest of the body. Further, Gold Essence (or “Gold Elixir”) acts as a purifier to the subtle energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, helping bring out spiritual radiance that is within your true divine nature.

It also may help you act from a place of spiritual light rather than materialistic desire. Gold Essence can further help you attract “gold” into your life; in a physical sense, gold is a material standard for monetary value and may be used to attract things of value that you desire. In an emotional and spiritual sense, the expression “heart of gold” would apply, as gold helps elevate the virtues of the heart and solidify our strength of character an. mentally and spiritually it may ease ego conflict, and help you develop and refine your nobility, integrity and self worth.

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