Ginger Flower Essence

Hawaiian Ginger Master Essence is a power-packed blend that promotes “energetic immunity”, strength and vitality. It invokes passion for life whilst inspiring community and abundant living. Chock full of over 20 varieties of Ginger- it works to target every major energy center and covers a wide range of uses. It balances and opens the seven major Chakras, while also helping to clear and recharge your subtle energy bodies, nadis and meridians. It is an ideal Essence for travel*, cold & flu season*, and perfect to use anytime you need a boost; work with this Essence as a pro-active stress defense “tool” for strengthening your mana (i.e., inner power or life force) and helping you stay “ahead of the curve”. Ginger Master Essence moreover works to balance your lower chakras, helping you release negative emotions (e.g. anger, sadness, and shame) and unresolved [childhood] trauma. It is also a perfect blend for connecting with your heart and virtues of unconditional love and acceptance. Ginger Master moreover enhances spiritual practice such as meditation, as it can attune you to higher vibrations while at the same time, helping you stay grounded. *Best if used in advance of anticipated stress. May increase use as desired during times of stress.

*Best if used in advance of anticipated stress. May increase use as desired during times of stress.

The Master Blend contains the following Ginger Essence variations.

Blue Ginger Flower Essence

Opens The Third Eye

Connection To Higher Self

Encourages Courage, Wisdom & Love

Balances, cleanses and opens the third eye Chakra. It is very powerful for connecting you to your higher self, your inner wisdom and divine worthiness. Read more

Crepe Ginger Flower Essence

Vibrational Sensitivity

Empathic Filter ~ Vitality

Honing Vocal/Sound Skills

Crepe Ginger Essence balances and open the 5th chakra, especially as it relates to the ears, nose and throat, and related functions (i.e. hearing/ listening, sensing, filtering). Read more

Fragrant White Ginger Flower Essence

Raising Your Vibration

Attuning to Inner Silence

Promoting Peace and Light

Aids you in achieving a state of inner silence as through meditation or other spiritual practice and assists with opening you to the downward flow of grace. Read more

Red Butterfly Ginger

Grow Wings & Fly

Access Creative Potential

Release Bloodline Limitations

Red Butterfly Ginger Essence helps to strengthen your root chakra and instill an energy of passion and creativity. It helps you tether physical and spiritual aspects, so you can align your creative energies with your Divine potential. Read more

Tower Ginger / Spiral Ginger Flower Essence

This essence teaches adaptability, strength, and how to nurture your needs even in challenging situations. It is an essence which energetically can help you rise above a crowded field and stand out, encouraging your insecure side that you can be confident and helping to overpower any doubt that you will meet with success. Read more

Yellow Wild Kahili Ginger Flower Essence

Teaches Boundaries

Encourages Moderation

Enhances Synchronicity

Kahili Ginger Essence can help you cultivate a mindset of abundance, encouraging your self confidence and courage, so you can find your inner strength, tap into your full potential and let yourself shine. Read more