Easter Lily Master


Opening Crown Chakra
Awakening Divine Potential
Releasing Competitive Instincts

Helps to open up the crown chakra, increase understanding of how we are all connected, and bring about expanded consciousness.

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Easter Lily Flower Essence

Easter Lily Flower Essence helps to open up your crown chakra and bring a heightened sense of awareness, acceptance, and unconditional love. It’s essence inspires worthiness and teaches that “we are all one”; it further teaches that you have a unique ability, purpose, and potential, a special part to play here on the world stage, and yet you can safely remain connected to the whole in oneness consciousness, without the need to compete with others. Easter Lily Essences merges your creative (aka sexual) energy with your spiritual or divine potential, helping develop your 7th or Crown Chakra (the Sahasrara), allowing greater spiritual light to enter in. It inspires enlightened perspective, helping you see things in a more evolved manner.

When your kundalini energy merges at the level of the sahasrara or crown chakra, the union of male and female energies establish you (at least for a moment) in the Christ Consciousness, which teaches that through unconditional love you can find forgiveness, and through forgiveness, you can be spiritually “resurrected” and only then are you truly living.

Contains a blend of Maroon and White Easter Lily variations.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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