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Increases Mana & Perseverance
Promotes Altruism & Adaptability
Empowers ~ Encourages Self-Care

For empowerment, increasing Prana or life force energy, creativity, and expression. Balances and aligns sacral and throat chakras.

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Coneflower Essence

Coneflower Essence is for empowerment, increasing Prana or life force energy, creativity, and expression. It balances and aligns the sacral and throat chakras, but also opens upper upper chakras (above the crown), where higher virtues of universal love, oneness, and selflessness are cultivated. Simultaneously, it anchors these higher dimensions to the sacral chakra, so that the universal needs and your individualistic needs can harmonize. The sacral chakra houses your mana; If this chakra is imbalanced, the tendency toward ego and selfishness may cause imbalance such as illness.

Coneflower Essence helps you remember your place, your power, and your needs within the universal context. It encourages altruistic love, charity, and selfless service, balanced with staying true to your own soul during times of crisis. Though many sources say that this is an essence for putting your own needs first, our own studies have shown that Coneflower encourages balance between attending to your own needs, and the needs of the whole; helping you to access Christ Consciousness (or unconditional altruistic love for all). This essence may also benefit animals, especially cats.

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  1. Rocco DeRosa

    As a vocalist, the ability to speak your truth from a heart space on a consistent basis is imperative to my work. After working with coneflower I really felt a shift in the way I expressed myself. On top of that, my voice worked with much more ease and felt protected. This is great for breaking down those blocks in your throat and allowing things to flow out much more unimpeded.

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